How to get a sugar daddy to give you money.

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Women are always the majority on sugar daddy websites, finding a real sugar daddy isn't easy, and many new sugar babies make the mistake of not discussing dating perks.

Most of us are not used to asking for money. It feels like we are using sugar daddy to make money. Don't worry, sugar daddy dating is perfectly legal.

Plenty of sugar babies fear that the offer is too high and scares off potential sugar daddies, real sugar daddies care about your looks, body and inner cultivation. As long as you're confident, speak up about your perks before the date. Here are some tips for those who don't know how to get a sugar baby allowance.

Tip # 1: Know your rules

First of all, this allowance has nothing to do with your own worth. Tell your sugar daddy the quantity of allowance you need each week, and it will create a stronger bone with your sugar daddy. If your sugar daddy can't pay the amount you ask for, you can choose to reject the sugar relationship or lower your amount. But according to a lot of senior sugar baby experience, it’s best not to lower your own requirements because, for a sugar daddy, it will make you an unstable standpoint and he may givee a continuous lower allowance.

A sugar baby allowance is based on what she wants to do with it, which is in proportion to the time and attention you give the sugar daddy. For example, how much money do you need to rent a comfortable apartment, how much money do you want for clothes, how much do you want to save, other expense that may arise in your sugar relationship, etc.

Tip # 2.Set your number range

For newbie sugar baby who just entering sugar bowl, it's okay without knowing how to ensure the range of allowance, you can refer to other experienced sugar baby. The subsidy is not fixed, it will vary according to the relationship of each sugar.

Keep in mind - determining the sugar allowance range is based on your situation and has nothing to do with sugar daddy's wealth. You must first have a sensible request for your allowance.

Tip # 3.What do you want

Don't try to answer before you have more details about the expectations of the arrangement (ie frequency of appointments, intimacy, etc.).

Please let your sugar daddy give you a range or amount first. In all negotiations, it is best to let the other party show the chips. The amount he proposes will indicate how much he values you. More importantly, it shows how he sees your value.

Don't be fooled by his ordinary luxury car; they can rent a car for a few hundred dollars/month, which can be used by ordinary people (to deceive you). The rich can easily afford cars like Ferrari, Rambos, Maserati... ...except that he may have broken his BMW payment to impress you and nothing has been proven.

In addition, the rich will allow you to order on the dinner/lunch menu. If you cringe when you order more than $20 in drinks, they may be a liar. Reduce your losses and continue to search.

Remember: A wealthy sugar daddy won't care too much about your allowance, and a liar (or someone you want) will seek to negotiate a cheap price (don't fall because of it). In the end, it's about measuring his value to you and your relationship. Please believe that rich people will notice anything other than money. So let him provide it first.

You've a set the range of allowance. And now the key is to get used to it. Now the key is to get used to it.

When you've got a number you can talk to sugar daddy about, now is the time to get used to it.

Many sugar daddies think the uncomfortable reason to discuss the allowance is to pay for the uncertainty ahead of time. It can be a bit embarrassing to ask a potential sugar daddy for thousands of dollars a month before both parties know each other well enough.

Do you have a little voice in your head saying, "That's too much," when you tell your sugar daddy how much you owe? If you have a situation like this - you will need this exercise. Be confident in yourself until you are comfortable with the number range.

Usually ask if he has any previous arrangements. Then ask them what their allowance is. This will give you an idea of his scope and compare it to yours.

After listening to your range, sugar daddy will usually ask you a few questions to consider whether or not to accept it. For example: "how often do you want to see me?" And other details of the arrangement. You need to answer truthfully to your own situation, so that you can happily move on to the next step.

It is also very important to know if sugar baby agrees to have sex with sugar daddy. This is something you need to think about and tell your sugar daddy. Sex in sugar relationships can keep the emotional temperature of both partners warm, but don’t worry, it's consensual.

Sugar daddies usually don't haggle over the range of sugar baby subsidies. So when it comes to allowances, you could naturally answer with your simple and realistic needs. Tell him about your date plans. Please don't talk about your debts and bills in front of your sugar daddy.

The easiest way is to list your allowance on sugar daddy's website. This will allow sugar daddies who are interested in you and accept your range to reach out to you. In this way, you can know from the beginning that the person you contact is satisfied with the benefits you describe, and that the range of benefits for the person you contact is suitable for your needs.