How happy it is to find a sugar daddy!

As a lucky candy baby, I want to share my story with you, I hope you can find your own happiness. I have never been exposed to this field before. By chance, I broke up with my boyfriend. Because of his childish and self-will, I had to leave him. Later my friend told me that I needed to find a mature and attractive male date. After experiencing the agony, I decided to give it a try, so I went to sign up for a sugar daddy dating website.


Ever since I had my first sugar daddy, and I mean when i was like 23 years old I've never had time for myself, I am always afraid of being alone. I jumped from a relationship to another I've never let myself go through what people go through after a break up, either being the one dumping him or him dumping me It's always the same I always end up with someone new without even searching for them, sometimes I think it's because i've always dreamed of finding "The One" and to feel loved I always try It out with anyone, It was always like this, untill I met Him The love of my life he used to give me money and will tell me a lot of interesting things whenever I called him that He meant the world for me and I finally felt alive ... But somehow, maybe It was because of the distance since he lives quite far from where I live or maybe even if he was the perfect guy for me. for him It was no big deal for me It was, I do not like this feel, I guess I loved him more than he did... and after half a year of sugar daddy dating I finally had the courage to tell him how I really feel about our relationship. I hope he can spend more time on me. Later he was really with me, we were very happy.

For me, I now feel that mature men are very attractive, and their successful experience and rich experience have attracted me. If you also like mature and successful men, look for a sugar date, please believe that you will meet the man you are satisfied with.